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WP 2 – Experimental set-up and phenotyping analyses

The response of different grapevine varieties to water stress is highly variable, and it is expected that also the simultaneous application of N fertilization treatments will modulate the responses to the differential water regimes applied. WP2 will evaluate the response of Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache grapevines (both grafted on SO4) to artificially modulated water and N supply regimes. This will create a multifactorial experiment combining nutrition variation and water deficit conditions in relation to the
genotype component (2X2X2, 15 plants for each treatment). WP2 will be conducted with potted vine grown under semi-environmental conditions. The overall objective of this WP is to grow plants and characterize their growth and the physiological response to the different edaphic conditions.

Task 2.1: Semi-environmental system setup and plant growth

Task 2.2: Plant phenotyping evaluation

Task 2.3: Vine physiological and biochemical response