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WP 3 – Spatial resolution of the molecular responses activated by water deficit and N availability

The overall objective of this WP is to acquire new knowledge concerning the molecular mechanisms underpinning grapevine resilience to co-limitation of water and N and to identify scion effect on rootstock response. An innovative and multidisciplinary methodology will be applied to define the tissue response of grapevine roots. Data collected will be supplemented with a spatial characterization of ionomic response, metabolomic profile of root exudates along the root system and microbiome analyses. All WP3 tasks will be performed at veraison, crucial stage of the vine biological cycle and for root development and activity.

Task 3.1: Spatial transcriptomic analyses.

Task 3.2: Spatial resolution of ionomic profiles

Task 3.3: Untargeted metabolomic analyses

Task 3.4: Microbiome analyses in roots